4 Reasons Why One Must Study in USA After 12th

Useful Tips For The Graduation Aspirants



Are you on your way to completing your 12th standard education? Wondering about your career after HSC? Still hoping to be a part of the intense competition for seats in coveted colleges? Here’s with 4 reasons why one must consider studying in the US after 12th/HSC or Diploma

World Class Education with Less Focus on Rote-Based Learning: The Indian education system is extensively rote driven. The same approach continues even during Bachelors degree programs where (often) toppers are the ones with a strong memory rather than clear concepts. The system in the USA for Bachelors/Graduation, on the other hand, focuses on practical application of concepts. A given subject has a mix of several types of assignments in addition to exams that are spread over a period of time.

This leaves very less room for those who have not understood concepts. At the same time, success in the subject is not measured solely by a “single exam per semester”

Plenty of Universities to choose from: Education is a multi – billion dollar university in the U.S. In many instances one can find towns and cities born out of universities. The US has more than 200 accredited universities for a given career path.

Cost Effective Education Possible in the USA: At the very onset, one might perceive the USA to be a very costly educational destination. However, with a focused and planned approach, the associated costs can be reduced through scholarships. There are mainly two factors to consider while targeting a scholarship (a) Try to score as much as possible in the SAT entrance exam(b) compromise a bit on the rankings: admission from a 46th rank university with scholarship might be a better proposition than an admit from a 20th rank university without any scholarship. At our consulting offices in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik, we have helped student sachieve US education scholarships in excess of US$ Rs. 10 Crore

A Candidate with a U.S Bachelors degree holder is more likely to make it to a top ranked university for his masters compared to one with an Indian degree:

On a global scale, the value of an American degree far outweighs that of an Indian degree. With a Bachelors degree from USA, one can aim for an admit from a premier U.S university. If the same candidate (with same academic performance) completes his Bachelors from India, he is relatively less likely to make it to a top-ranked university.

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  1. Mitali Bapat

    hi. i have just given my HSC exam and i am interested to do my BA from U.S university. so can you guide me through the process.

  2. Shweta Tambe

    I’m studing in 12th commerce with subjects such as Maths & I.T with other compulsory subjects, and my dream is to study in U.S.A & for that factor i want guidance from you.
    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

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