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An MS in marketing in USA opens doors to a range of opportunities. Do you want to (a) locate such courses (b) know about your career opportunities and (c) know how to get admitted and gain scholarships? Look no further.

Universities offering MS in marketing: The following universities offer such programs in the United States

  • Columbia University, Columbia Business School – One Year intensive MS in marketing
  • New York University (NYU), School of continuing and professional studies – MS in integrated marketing
  • University of Rochester, Simon School of Business -Full time MS in marketing
  • The University of Texas at Dallas, School of management – MS in marketing
  • Texas A & M University, Mays Business School – MS in marketing
  • City University of New York (C.U.N.Y), Baruch College – MS in marketing
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart School of Business – MS in marketing communication
  • Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business – One year MS in marketing
  • University of Colorado Denver, Business School – MS in marketing
  • University of Cincinnati, College of Business – MS in marketing

Career options with an MS in marketing: As a marketer, you choose to pursue your career in a wide range of marketing areas Brand management Product management Marketing communications Market research Marketing analytics Marketing mix modeling.

While selecting your MS program, please be sure to go through its contents, the career choices possible and what suits your aptitude

Gaining entry into a prestigious MS in marketing program: Since this is a specialized function of business that you are selecting,

Prior work experience in marketing will definitely make your case strong. Work experience in sales is also acceptable. There are also cases where candidates have an MBA in marketing and choose to delve deeper into their function and thus pursue a specific masters program. In addition to work experience, a strong GMAT score is also advisable. If your earlier educational background is in business, it may be possible to gain entry to such a program without prior work experience. However, your case has to be compelling At our offices in mumbai, we can access your case and advise you in the right admission strategy to ensure both admission and some form of scholarships.

Scholarships galore!Compared to an MBA, it is much easier to gain some form of scholarship/assistant-shipwhen you pursue a specialized masters in marketing. However, your case for entry has to be strong. Thus it would be advisable to re-read the preceding paragraph to know more about your chances. You can also directly consult us by visiting US Education Consultants

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